Unusual Superstitions from Around the World

Featured Image - Unusual Superstitions from Around the World
Featured Image - Unusual Superstitions from Around the World

Superstitions are common, but unreasonable beliefs that come from a misinterpretation of scientific facts or from urban legends. Superstitions follow us everywhere. Although in modern world superstitions don’t have much of a place. In earlier times superstitions have played a very important role in shaping ability and societies.

Most people are less superstitious. Whether trusting in lucky numbers or trying to avoid bad sign, different societies have unbelievable stories behind their superstitions.

Below are few of the unusual superstitions from around the world:

  • Never wish anyone “Happy Birthday” Too Early – It is believed that celebrating or even congratulating someone on a birthday before the day arrives bad luck in their life.
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  • The two mirrors should not be placed opposite each other – It is believed, mainly In Mexico that the two mirrors placed opposite each other opens a doorway for the devil.
  • Cutting Nails at Night – Supposedly its bad luck to trim your finger or toenails at night. Some of the superstition, even claims that you could have a premature death. Earlier, knives or other sharp cutting tools would be used to trim long nails. Darkness and sharp objects and at that time less of medical access could have equaled deadly infections.
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  • Owls Are Bad Omens

It is the belief of a superstition that if you see or hear an owl, bad news is coming. Also, according to the Italian superstition, if an owl ends up in your house, someone in your family will die. 

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  • Superstitious women in Rwanda believe that if they eat goat meat it will cause them to grow facial hair.
  • In Portugal, it’s considered to be the bad luck to . The common belief is that if you do it, you’re showing the devil which way you’re going.
  • According to one of the belief in Italy, if you say the same word as someone says simultaneously, you’ll never get married. To undo this, you must immediately touch your nose.
  • In Afghanistan, people never allow the broom to touch the feet of anyone. If they do, it is believed that one of their parents will die.
  • There are many superstitious things that are to be believed by the people in India, like if you leave the house before being cleaned, you’ll never have a successful day. If you are born on 13th-day, so you are treated as unlucky and uncanny woman. If they cut their nails Tuesday or Thursday, they are inviting bad luck. If you have a broken glass, broken artifacts or broken mirror in your house you allow devils abode.
  • In the Philippines, people don’t go straight home from a wake. They need to make a pit stop somewhere to get away from the bad spirit. When they get home they need to change their clothes outside before entering the house. The belief is to not let the bad spirit in or enter the house.
  • Some people believe that hanging a horseshoe in their bedroom with its ends pointing upwards will bring good luck and keep the night terrors away. This belief comes from the fact that a horse shoe has seven holes, which is contemplated to be a lucky number. Also the fact that it is made of iron and can allegedly avoid evil spirits.
  • Most people have heard that if a black cat crosses your way its bad luck and is believed that a black cat crossing your way could actually be a witch.
  • It is believed that to cross one’s fingers is a hand action which is commonly used for good luck.