Strict Laws around the World

Strict laws around the world - Strict Laws around the World
Strict laws around the world - Strict Laws around the World

If you’ve lived in the same country your whole life, it can be easy to forget that not all countries are followed by the same laws. But laws differ from one country to another for lots of different reasons. While some laws are made because of the country’s history and its politics, some are made by a country’s culture and religion. The laws in some of the countries, however, are so strict that it’s difficult to accept that they’re even real.

Each country has its own plans and rules enforcement habits to control the people living there. Some countries impose the stricter rules upon their local people and tourist, giving them a popular character regarding crime and punishment acts of control.

In some countries, it’s easy to take for granted a certain amount of flexibility. We can travel freely from state to state, and each of us is in control of our own destiny. That’s not the case in other places throughout the world.

Here are some of the stern laws that you should know:

  • Iran – In Iran, laws are not based on logical beliefs, but instead are based on the Islamic Law. Because of which, there are so many laws that have been put in which make Iran an extremely paternal society. The country is very traditional and for women, in particular, must obey to a strict dress code. For example, women should wear hijabs at all times to cover their hair and skinny jeans are not allowed.
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  • Eritrea – This country is located in Africa, and the country has been living under the strict laws of President Isaias Afewerki. In Eritrea, the government has full control over the news and the television. Everything that is broadcasted should be approved by the President’s Office. Also, religion is controlled over there and public worship is banned. Local people must apply as a member of a particular religion before they are allowed to practice their belief. Due to these strict rules and less of religious freedom, many try to leave the country and are arrested and imprisoned.
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  • Malaysia – In Malaysia, there are strict rules and regulations when it comes to drugs and drug trafficking, they take their rules and punishments very sincerely. In the country, there is a compulsory death penalty for anyone that is caught with more than 198 grams of marijuana, or 15 grams of heroin. Having these kinds of drugs with such amount labels you as a drug trafficker in many of the Southeast Asian countries. Having lesser amounts of such drugs will result in heavy penalties.
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  • North Korea – In North Korea, televisions, media and newspapers are all restricted by the government. Use of internet is a facility given only to the high class and even their online usage is controlled. Here people are not allowed to wait in parks. In this country you need to prove your every move. Sex is not allowed before marriage and there is a strict dress code in which women are not allowed to wear pants and men must cut their hair after every two weeks. Guards accompany tourists to make sure they don’t break any rules.
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  • Saudi Arabia – Rules in Saudi Arabia are much like Iran, the Muslim belief helps dominate the country’s laws, especially when it’s about women. Here, women are not allowed to be seen in public with a man that isn’t someone from their family. Also, they must follow a strict dress code based on the Muslim belief and the punishment for breaking any of these religious laws can be seen as harsh by some.
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  • Japan – The Japanese government certainly has some weird but strict laws to govern the citizens of its country. For example, you need to spend up to a year in jail for damaging or throwing away money. However, Japan has some of the strict drug laws in the world. There is a no tolerance policy in Japan for Japanese citizens, as well as foreigners that are caught using or distributing illegal drugs. Those found with the drugs can catch themselves facing years in a Japanese prison.
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