Unusual Things you will see in Africa

Fetured image - Unusual Things you will see in Africa
Fetured image - Unusual Things you will see in Africa

No matter where you visit in South Africa, you are constrained to confrontation a diversity of life-defining sights and experiences, from the country’s devastating landscape to its underwater bliss.

South Africa is one of the strongest countries on earth. From different places to eat in Cape Town, to epinephrine addicted activities along the Garden Route, diving with sharks or staying in unusual, there are many unusual things to do in South Africa that you simply keep in mind.

If someone is planning to travel in South Africa for a few weeks, it’s very important to have the correct travel insurance as the truth of travelling in South Africa is that often things go wrong and a person really needs that safety net. Allegedly, visiting Africa is endorsed only so long as if a person doesn’t mind taking their life into their own hands.

1 - Unusual Things you will see in Africa

However, if you’re seeing for something out of the norm on your South African trip, our list of unusual activities will get you off on the right foot.

  • Algeria – Algeria is the largest and one of the beautiful country in Africa. The country has a divergent landscape and lots to offer in terms of landscape. One of the main interest in Algeria has been the Saharan region because of its never-ending sand and strange and bright cities within. Algiers is the capital city of Africa and was founded by the Ottomans. It is rife with attractive historical architecture. The antique Casbah is a crooked urban maze with streets flowing through the old town. Still in Algiers, there’s the Dar Hassan Pacha, which was once the city’s oldest building.
  • Angola – As we all know that the country has been in news headlines for mainly the wrong reasons, it is necessary to note that it is one of the countries in Africa with some of the most amazing nature sites. The country bluster of an extensive coastline of Atlantic Ocean beauty and an amazing blend of grasslands, savannas, tropical forests, among others. Angola is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and also Luanda, its capital city is one of them. Lying on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, the city’s beautiful landscape of the ocean is disturbed by busy ships and high rise buildings, giving it an alluring city skyline.
2 - Unusual Things you will see in Africa
  • Burkina Faso – In Burkina Faso one of the main attractions and must see place is Sindou Peaks because of its natural sceneries and ample wildlife. The Sindou Peaks are one of Burkina’s most enduring place. A long time ago, these brown, sandy cones were underwater and ever since they have been shaped by the elements. On the border  with Ghana is Tiebele Village, house for the Kassena people of Africa, one of the ancient ethnic associations of the country, and, as such, there are a good number of traditional mud huts and architecture, all of which is attractively decorated. The homes here are built entirely of straw and mud, but they are decorated with aspect and delight, making them a great scene to observe.
  • Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe in Southern Africa is a landlocked country and is best known for its dramatic sceneries and huge wildlife, much of it within parks, reserves and safari areas. Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River make a thundering 108m drop into the precise Batoka Gorge, where there’s white-water rafting and bungee-jumping.  Great Zimbabwe National Monument a must-see in the country.
  • One of the most expensive trains is found in South Africa to travel. The name of the train is Rovos Rail. It is a privately owned railway company which is operating out of Capital Park Station in Pretoria. It is one of the most luxurious and the best trains in the world.
3 - Unusual Things you will see in Africa