Strangest facts in the world

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  1. 87 days is the longest time between two twins being born.
  2. The deepest postbox of the world is in Susami Bay in Japan. It’s underwater.
  3. With the help of animal and fish intestines, the condoms were made in 1640.
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  5. Just like fingerprints, everyone has different tongue prints as well.
  6. Most of the Muppets are left-handed and most of the muppeteers are right-handed.
  7. This is strange but true that Female kangaroos have 3 vaginas.
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  9. It is not necessary that light travels at the speed of light. It was recorded that the slowest light moving is at 38 mph.
  10. After stepping onto the lunar surface, Buzz Aldrin was the first man to urinate on the moon.
  11. The man was having the longest beard in the world in 1567 and died as he stepped over his beard.
  12. The smiley signs were invented by Vladimir Nabokov.
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  14. Can you imagine a place with no roads! In the Dutch village of Giethoorn, there are no roads; its buildings are interconnected with footbridges and canals.
  15. Do you know there is a bacteria that lives in Hairspray- it was discovered by the scientist in 2008.
  16. Can you imagine there was a solid reason behind inventing the roller coaster; it was to distract AmericanS from the sin.
  17. In 1905 Ice pops were invented by the 11 year old boy coincidentally.
  18. Same as dolphin sloths can also hold their breath longer.
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  20. You should never buy apples from supermarket as it can be a year older.
  21. It is not possible to hum at the same time while holding your nos.
  22. Is it possible to have three hearts? An octopus has.
  23. Earlier people used to say prunes while taking pictures. The trend of saying cheese has just adapted.
  24. Do you know Mc Donald’s also serve spaghetti, but in the Philippines.
  25. Dunce caps were used to show the intelligence.
  26. Lobsters taste their food with the help of their feet.
  27. The royal family off British was named after Windsor.
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  29. In the history of the world, the shortest time of the war was just 38 minutes.
  30. The weight of the blue whale tongue is same as an elephant.
  31. Some of the sea cucumbers literally fight with their abdomen.
  32. Earlier Statue of liberty was used as a lighthouse.
  33. According to the botanist strawberries are not the berries.
  34. Rash riding or riding without using your hands or taking the feet off the pedals when a person is on the street is illegal in Illinois.
  35. When the toilet papers were not invented, Americans used to use corn cobs.
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  37. Earlier Romans used to clean and whiten their teeth with urine.
  38. This is really amazing that Oxford University is even much older than Aztec Empire.
  39. MC Donald’s is present on every continent except Antarctica.
  40. Do you know some snails can even kill you as they have 14000 teeth?
  41. The most toilet papers which are used in France are of pink color.
  42. Slice bread was invented just two years before the invention of television.
  43. Almost 80 percent of the largest statues are of Buddhas.
  44. The Magpie is the only non-mammal species which are able to recognize itself in a mirror test and are considered to be the most intelligent animals in the world.
  45. Baked beans actually boiled but not boiled.
  46. Sunsets in Mars are of blue color.
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