Most weight loss friendly foods

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Variety of foods goes over contrasting metabolic thoroughfare in your body. They can have tremendously contrasting effects on your craving, hormones and the amount of calories you burn.

While there is no food which is a magic bullet for weight loss, but there are few foods that can support you manage your weight-loss goals. Most of the foods encompassed as part of a weight-loss diet that have lesser things in common: they are rich in fiber and have a less energy density.

If you are thinking that all the calories are designed equal, it’s time for you to think above the numbers.

All calories have the equal amount of energy. And it is viable for an egg and a cookie to have the equal calorie count and provide the equal amount of energy for the body, but their metabolic thoroughfare is quite different.


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Eggs helps in weight loss as they are nutritious and low in calories. A big boiled egg contains 78 calories and have very important nutrient which are the antioxidants that support healthy eyesight and also promotes bone health and immune function. It also increases the metabolism and helps with fetal brain development. Eggs are rich in protein, which is beneficial for weight loss and can also boost the metabolism.

Eggs are helpful for weight loss if a person eats them especially for breakfast. You can combine the eggs with vegetables at breakfast for a filling meal, or add boiled eggs to a salad at lunch time.


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Avocado helps in the weight loss and better health. This fruit is full of fiber and healthy fats that are good for the body. It helps you feel full and satisfied. Eating healthy fat helps in releasing stored fat from your body. It also improves Cardiovascular System Health and improves the joints. It also helps in better digestion and makes our bones stronger. In fact, it improves the overall health of a person. The oil of Avocado makes our hair shiny and helps in resolving dandruff. It is a natural conditioner and helps in the prevention of hair loss.


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According to the researchers beans are the most underrated food of all but have many health benefits. It is the high fiber food and helps you chew longer which can lower the amount of food you consume. The soluble fibers present in the beans delay the process of emptying the food from the stomach. When you eat beans you absorb fewer calories and help to regulate the blood sugar levels.


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Yogurt helps in burning fat, which promotes in weight loss. It is a high source of protein which helps in weight loss. It is full of probiotics which gives you flat ABS. Eating more fiber and probiotics helps keep your abdomen bacteria happy, which can be helpful in metabolism.


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Almonds are generally used as a strong solution for relief from stiffness, respiratory disorders, cold, heart problems and diabetes. It also helps in the maintaining healthy hair and skin. Almonds contain good fats, which help in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and stabilize the blood sugar level. It also helps in the advancement of lean muscle mass, which reduces the body mass index. It is full of nutrients, which is an anti-oxidant that keeps you full and reduces starvation.