Common phobia you must have not heard about

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A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause danger or harm. It’s from a Greek word Phobos, which means horror and fear. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It is an intense fear or anxiety from any object, place or situation, even when there is no danger. It is of two types simple and complex.

Specific phobia: This phobia is intense, irrational fear of a specific trigger.

Social phobia or social anxiety: This is a profound fear of social humiliation and being judged by others in a public situation. It is not the same as shyness.
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Agoraphobia: This is a fear of situations from which it would be difficult to escape such being in a lift or being outside of the home

Specific phobias are simple phobia. Social anxiety and agoraphobia are complex phobias.

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Achluophobia: fear of the dark

Phobias are more serious than simple fear and people cannot control the fear reaction. People are likely to experience feelings of panic, anxiety and sensation when exposed to phobia. The sensation include-

Nausea or vomiting, Headache, Butterflies in stomac, Dizzines, Chest pain, Pins and needle, Sweating, Heavy or shortness of breathing, Chills, Dry mouth, Confusion, Feeling of choking, Fear of fainting, Fear of dying or losing control

They are treatable and people who have them, knows about it. As it does not cause severe problem, people often tend to avoid such situation.
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So here is some of the list of common phobias-

Achluophobia Fear of darkness
Acrophobia Fear of heights
Aerophobia Fear of flying
Agoraphobia Fear of public spaces or crowds
Aichmophobia Fear of needles or pointed objects
Anthropophobia Fear of people or society
Aphenphosmphobia Fear of being touched
Arachnophobia Fear of spiders
Astraphobia Fear of thunder and lightning
Ataxophobia Fear of disorder or untidiness
Atelophobia Fear of imperfection
Atychiphobia Fear of failure
Autophobia Fear of being alone
Bacteriophobia Fear of bacteria
Bathmophobia Fear of stairs or steep slopes
Belonephobia Fear of pins and needles
Bibliophobia Fear of books
Botanophobia Fear of plants
Cacophobia Fear of ugliness
Catagelophobia Fear of being ridiculed
Catoptrophobia Fear of mirrors
Chionophobia Fear of snow
Chromophobia Fear of colors
Claustrophobia Fear of confined spaces
Coulrophobia Fear of clowns
Cynophobia Fear of dogs
Domatophobia Fear of houses
Dystychiphobia Fear of accidents
Elurophobia Fear of cats
Entomophobia Fear of insects
Equinophobia Fear of horses
Gamophobia Fear of marriage
glossophobia Fear of speaking in public
Heliophobia Fear of the sun
Homophobia Fear of blood
Herpetophobia Fear of reptiles
Hydrophobia Fear of water
Hypochondria Fear of illness
Iatrophobia Fear of doctors
Insectophobia Fear of insects
Koinoniphobia Fear of rooms full of people
Lockiophobia Fear of childbirth
Mageirocophobia Fear of cooking
Megalophobia Fear of large things
Microphobia Fear of small things
Mysophobia Fear of dirt and germs
Necrophobia Fear of death or dead things
Noctiphobia Fear of the night
Nosocomephobia Fear of hospitals
Nyctophobia Fear of the dark
Obesophobia Fear of gaining weight
Ombrophobia Fear of rain
Ophidiophobia Fear of snakes
Ornithophobia Fear of birds
Pathophobia Fear of disease
Pedophobia Fear of children
Philophobia Fear of love
Phobophobia Fear of phobias
Pteridophobia Fear of ferns
Pteromerhanophobia Fear of flying
Pyrophobia Fear of fire
Samhainophobia Fear of Halloween
Scolionophobia Fear of school
Selenophobia Fear of the moon
Sociophobia Fear of social evaluation
Somniphobia Fear of sleep
Tachophobia Fear of speed
Technophobia Fear of technology
Tonitrophobia Fear of thunder
Trypanophobia Fear of needles or injections
Wiccaphobia Fear of witches and witchcraft
Xenophobia Fear of strangers or foreigners
Zoophobia Fear of animals

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