Amazing Life Hacks That Will streamline Your Life

Featured Image 3 - Amazing Life Hacks That Will streamline Your Life

Featured Image 3 - Amazing Life Hacks That Will streamline Your Life

We at blazing Side have been engaged seeing for the good ideas and tricks to streamline and better your daily life. Below are the amazing list of few life hacks that will make you learn how to instantly dry your clothes, make your shoes waterproof, magnify your phone’s speakers, and many more!

1. Cultivate roses from cuttings: This is a great idea for cultivating roses from cuttings. Before growing, push the lowest ends of the cuttings into tiny potatoes. Humidity and fiber in the potatoes will grant the cuttings to evolve hearty roots.

2. Waterproof shoes: To make your canvas shoes into waterproof shoes, you require nothing nothing but beeswax and a blow dryer. Expand beeswax all around your shoes. Then, take the blow dryer to liquefy the beeswax until you can no longer look at it. Hence! Your waterproof shoes are ready to go!

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3. Dry your clothes instantly: If you are not having a dryer and want to dry your clothes instantly, this is the thing that you can do. Keep your wet clothing on a dry towel. Curve the towel with the garment in it. Pick that, and curl it as tight as attainable to crush out the extra water. After draining the extra water, stick your garment on a hanger to completely dry.

4. Stinking shoes: If you are having stinking shoes, keep a bit dry tea bags into each shoe to consume the odor. If your shoes are not only rancid but also wet, stuff them with a combination of rice and baking soda and place it for a few days.

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5. Compact shoes: If you’re new shoes seem to be too compact, fill both shoe with damp newspaper as compact as you can. Make the shoes dry, and then take out the newspaper.

6. Begin a fire: Chips are not only a delicious snack. Fat, oil, and the chemicals in potato chips help them an excellent fire opening material.

7. Detect little missing products: Take your vacuum cleaner to detect little items which are missing, such as earrings. Just wrap the end of a vacuum cleaner with a stocking, and begin your hunt. Check to see if the items you are searching for is there.

8. Time apparent water bottle: This is a best idea to note your daily water consumption. Make lines on your water bottle with a pen, and then note the time next to the noted level. The marking will give as a visual indication for you to consume water.

9. Abolish toilet bowl spot: Put a can of Coca-Cola inside the toilet bowl, and keep it overnight. Then rinse it with soapy water.

10.  Clear drains easily: Put hot water down the duct for a minute, and then scatter 1 cup of baking. Calmly put 1 cup of vinegar and flush again with boiling water.

11. Clear the shower head: To clear your shower head, put a plastic bag with white vinegar and protect it to the shower head with a rubber band. Grant it to absorb in the vinegar overnight, and discard the bag.

12. Help buttons from falling: To put your buttons in position, paint a bit of transparent nail polish around the threads.

13. Body smell: If you do not remember to use deodorant and don’t want to smell, cut a lemon or orange into two halves and just scrub it onto your skin. The body smell will vanish.

14. Magnify your phone’s speakers: Keep your phone into a glass or a bowl to increase the volume of its speakers.

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15. Ice last longer in a cooler: When you take your cooler with you in a beach, spread salt on the ice so that it froze for longer.

16. Natural breath: If you forget to brush your teeth or you do not have toothpaste, chew an apple. It can avoid bad breath.

17. Citrus candles: For good smell in house make an orange or a lemon candle, and its brightness and fragrance will last a long time.

18. Wooden spoon: To make your pot from boiling more, put a wooden spoon at the top of it. If it starts to boil high, the spoon will prevent the bubbles and keep it from overflowing.


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