IPL telecast to be banned in Pakistan.

FINAL IMAGE - IPL telecast to be banned in Pakistan.

FINAL IMAGE 300x157 - IPL telecast to be banned in Pakistan.

When on 19th February the Prime Minister of our not so friendly neighbor openly declared, Pakistan will not just think about retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate.” The only question that came to each and everyone’s mind was “HOW?”. Is it gonna be the same conventional method of so called retaliation by sneaking in some of agents of the terrorist organization which they never funded or do they find something new to hit their already low standards to a new rock bottom. But they did retaliate and we found a new hero in Commander Abhinandan . The nation rejoiced to our hero and we all looked forward to a upcoming festive season called the Indian Premier League.

Our neighbours have always tried copying us in some way or the other way. How could the people who have made “Living on the edge” on the lines of one of our most successful show Roadies keep their hands away for the Indian Premier league. So it was launched the greatest spectacle of Pakistani cricket.

The thought of crowded stadiums, boundaries being hit all over the place, the last minute drama appealed to every persons eye. The vision of carrying the same momentum to Pakistan could have been the thought behind the grand launching of the PSL. But not all the dreams turn into reality. The glamour’s thought of hosting the best domestic league soon turned into ashes as all that was achieved was empty seats and below par response.

On the contrary IPL 2019 has started with a bang with nail biting finishes centuries and also a super over in the opening 13 matches of the tournament. The open retaliation finally came with the government of Pakistan coming up with a new idea of banning the telecast of IPL in Pakistan. The Pakistani government claimed that India has left no opportunity of harm Pakistani Cricket.

Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry told a press conference “India  made an organized effort to harm cricket in Pakistan and it doesn’t make sense for us to allow an Indian domestic tournament to be promoted here”. He also added “Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra) would ensure that no IPL match is aired in Pakistan.”

This is a major step coming from a country which states that they believe in sports and culture not being politicized. The biggest irony is that this step taken by a country whose leader has led the country to their only World Cup. Isn’t it too much of humour where the country with world’s second best cricket team is blamed for ruining pakistanis so called cricket team.

Have a great time not watching the IPL!

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