Necessary things to know before you go to China

Mulan Hike the Great Wall of China 1400x500 - Necessary things to know before you go to China

Mulan Hike the Great Wall of China 1400x500 - Necessary things to know before you go to China

China has accomplished a period of fast development and change. Currently, more and more travelers from over the world who visit China are gathering to the ancient country to accomplish its wealthy history and possibly catch a glance of its bright future.

While modernization has determined that many western comforts are now accessible, there are few barriers that might catch the vulnerable negligent.

Below are some top tips for going to China that will help tourist a lot

  1. Cash is favored: While more and more businesses especially big hotel chains and upscale restaurants now accept Visa and MasterCard, the most broadly accepted card scheme is Union Pay.

Nevertheless for the most part, when you are traveling in China you will require paying with cash.


  1. China acknowledges only one currency, it’s own: The formal currency of China is the yuan, also known as RMB or colloquially as ‘quai’. Notes are obtainable for 1RMB, 10RMB, 20RMB, 50RMB, and 100RMB. There are also 1RMB coins obtainable, as well as lesser fractions called ‘Mao’ for the Chinese leader who embellishes them.

Chinese businesses do not take any other currency, containing the US dollar or the Hong Kong dollar.


  1. Trade currency at ATMs in China: While most Chinese banks do not take foreign cards, bigger chains such as HSBC can be used to remove local currency from foreign bank accounts. This generally provides a far better exchange rate than services such as Travelex.

International ATMs are obtainable in all vital cities but may be difficult to find in less tourist-friendly places.

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  1. Don’t fail to tell your bank you are going to China: Before visiting China, make sure your bank is aware you’re going to be using your credit or debit card over there. You don’t want your card to be canceled at mid-trip for uncommon transactions.


  1. Take a translator: If you want to do your banking face to face, you may require bringing a local to assist translate. Very less bank staff members will have enough English to assist you, even though in bigger cities like Beijing or Shanghai they should have an English speaker on staff.


  1. Don’t tip in China:  The Chinese do not tip, and you are not anticipated to either.

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  1. Use your negotiating skills: Outside of chain stores and boutiques, it’s completely feasible to form your negotiating skills. Never obtain the marked price or first prize awarded. With clever negotiation, it’s attainable to get gifts and such for a fraction of the quoted price.


  1. Drinking water in China: One of the things which you should not do in China is drinking the water. For the most part, tap water in China is not likely to drink. Bottled water can be bought with very low cost at many restaurants and stores.


  1. Pharmacies in China: Chinese pharmacies give both western and eastern medicine at very cheap prices. Prescription medication can generally be purchased without a prescription by just giving the pharmacist with your description.

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  1. Searching a doctor in China: Chinese hospitals can be full and alarming, but many major cities also have specialized hospitals catering to foreigners living and working in the country. Even in crowded public hospitals, many doctors know English.


  1. Managing with air pollution in China: Bigger cities in China have severe issues with air pollution, especially in Beijing. Most locals swear by masks on days with dangerous air pollution, but it is safer to avert exertion on days with specifically bad pollution.


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