A new 17 foot giant hunted !

Picture1 2 - A new 17 foot giant hunted !

Picture1 2 - A new 17 foot giant hunted !

Being the smartest beings on the planet we humans have the tendency to assume that we know everything. We tend to assume that we are the only ones blessed with knowledge and know the details of each and everything that runs around us. There have been many incidents that have proved us wrong but yet we still continue to ride on our belief. The one thing that has always been surprising us has been the one and only Mother Nature. Whenever we as humans starting considering ourselves as the strongest force that ever existed Mother Nature never fails to show us our real place in the ecosystem. Gigantic breaking news from the Everglades in Florida is creating a lot of buzzes and its mainly because of its size.

Snake hunters in Florida have reportedly found the biggest snake in the world. The giant python is said to be a massive 17 foot long and having a humongous weight of 140 pounds. You can imagine the size of the snake as its length is almost a one-story building high about (5.2 meters) and its weight is almost a 64 kgs. A snake of such huge size can easily consume a complete deer at one time. One more interesting part about the discovery is that the female is said to have almost 73 developing eggs.

123 - A new 17 foot giant hunted !

A modern method of tracking was used to hunt down this gigantic snake. The team used male pythons and fitted them with radio transmitters. These males were then sent to the swarm to locate female pythons for breeding. These were then tracked down to get the exact locations of other snakes to hunt them down. Not only does the teamwork on the elimination of the snakes but also uses the data received for further research and scientific purposes.

The normal size of the snakes being captured in the Everglades ranges from 6 feet to 10 feet. These massive creatures’ possess no major threat hence can cause devastating effects on native wildlife. These are not the original inhabitants of these ecosystems they appeared in the area in the 1980s. Since then they have grown rapidly. According to the latest reports, there are almost 30,000 to 3,00,000 of these snakes in Southern Florida. This has resulted in the banning of their import from the year 2012. These pythons are can destroy the native wildlife by killing small birds, eating up rabbits and even consuming creatures as big as an alligator or a deer. To stop their rapid growth the authorities have sponsored hunting programs. These steps have led to a reduction in their growing numbers. The authorities have also created a commission seeking creative ideas for their elimination.

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