Some bizarre fashion trends

Picture1 5 - Some bizarre fashion trends

Picture1 5 - Some bizarre fashion trends

Imagine you are walking on the street and you suddenly come across someone with a real vague fashion sense which surely catches your eyes. Something that is really bright, or something that is really bizarre that also in a good sense. This all is definitely changing the definition of unique in all the ways. Remember the black and white days of the narrow bottom and polka dots, from the narrow bottom to the ripped the journey of fashion was surely interesting and worth narrating. In all these clothes there are some highlighted trends that makes us wonder about fashion.

Here are some strange fashion trends for your eyes which also seems to be very cool

●Denim knee-high boots:

Picture2 3 - Some bizarre fashion trends

The denim jeans which are in trend since ages have got so many looks changed from the beginning. From the bell bottoms to the skinny one, the ripped jeans and now the short ones such variance in the same material. Apart from these can you imagine the same jeans in the form of shoes? Here is the better view for your imagination than
these denim knee-high boots have a look of your denim jeans which goes up to the knee. So from now do not throw up your old jeans because this is what you can make of it, such cool denim shoes.

●Oversized boyfriend shirt

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Stealing boyfriend’s clothes is another part but making it a trend is the whole other part. We have taken gender equality way too seriously, don’t you think? Women are wearing a men’s shirt and t-shirt and men like Ranveer Singh are wearing women’s clothes, all for the sake of equality. It did not stop here and here are some glimpses of the shirts which were already plus sized and now they are ridiculously oversized because it is way too cold outside.

●Sandals with latex socks

Picture3 1 - Some bizarre fashion trends

Early morning when we are already late for office finding a pair of socks is the most hilarious adventure. You will get a treasure while finding the other one but not the socks. Fashion industry took this problem of women way too seriously and invented these sandals with latex socks. So now no more complaining about making that one pair of socks perfect in the morning.

●Clear plastic jeans:

Picture4 1 - Some bizarre fashion trends

Plastic causes pollution and so plastic is banned everywhere. For this good cause of not to let people dump plastic and ruin earth here is one out of the world invention of plastic pants, because wearing cloth is too mainstream so here is a unique way to carry plastic and save yourselves from washing the clothes. This is one hell of the saviour in rains!

●Men’s lace shirt

Picture5 1 - Some bizarre fashion trends

If girlfriends can steal boyfriends clothes and sisters can wear brother’s t-shirts then what is it with men not getting these chances of having women essence in their clothes, hence fashion industry invented these lacy shirts which any girl can gift it to their boys. Now equality is actually in action.

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