And now you may kiss the bride…

Picture1 6 - And now you may kiss the bride...

Picture1 6 - And now you may kiss the bride...

This video of a recent wedding in China is going all viral where the groom’s ex-girlfriend showed up at his wedding. How disheartened does this sound when your ex-girlfriend appears on the wedding day on the stage all dolled up this all happens when the priest says “now you may kiss the bride”. It is definitely the most terrific scene that the groom would ever choose to see. In this wedding the ex of the groom was clinging to him, dangling from his arm and crying. She behaved ridiculously like a child.

In this scenario what is going to be the bride’s reaction?

The bride definitely not getting happier, and she gets all pissed at the groom and leaves the stage in front of all the guests, all humiliated with her fiance’s ex-girlfriends appearance. The ex who showed up at his wedding was continuously begging the groom and to come back to her while the bride was watching everything in shock.

As per the reports of Star Video, affiliated to Hunan Legal Channel, the groom parted away from his ex-girlfriend because their personalities were not matching yet too different. The ex of the groom was begging him to forgive her and give her one more chance. The bride and the family of the bride were completely shocked to see the appearance of the love rival.

The groom tried to console his bride to the best but the bride decided to leave the aisle. The ex was being extremely unreasonable with asking the groom to come back in her life on his wedding day.
So when they say everything is fair in love and war, it does not mean you are allowed to show up at your ex’s wedding.

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