The psychology of eye contact

Featured - The psychology of eye contact

Featured - The psychology of eye contact

“Oh It was the love at first sight!” we often say when we try to narrate our love stories. This phrase has been used by us at least once in our lifetime and not only we but also our parents and sometimes even our grandparents come up with this line. It may sound like a really romantic phrase which truly sums up the real essence of the beginning of a relationship but it truly has a very deep and scientific meaning. Eye contact has always had its roots based in relations to the psychology of the human brain however nobody has really tried to understand it in detail. So let’s have a glimpse of what this science is all about.

Eye contact with children:

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You would be shocked to know that our understanding and our sensitivity for eye contacts starts from a very early age. It’s been observed that even infants of two days of age like to look at the faces that are looking at them rather than the faces that are looking away from them. With the increase in the age a 7 month infant tends to understand faces looking at him rather than the faces looking away.

With growing age children understand this science more but sometimes tend to take it too far. You must have often seen young children covering their eyes in the game of hide and seek to hide. It’s not that they are not aware of what is actually happening they tend to believe that closing their own vision would make them invisible and others won’t be able to look at them.

The normal situation of eye contact:

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As adults whenever we are engaged in a situation where we have our eyes locked with one another it tends to trigger our self-consciousness. Our reactions to certain situations are very different when someone is staring at us rather than when we are not being gazed it. Our body becomes more active and makes very conscious moves when it understands that it is been watched and the movements are noted.

Importance of eye contact in relationships:

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Depending on whether the person makes or does not make eye contact we make our decision on what exactly the person feels about us. In any kind of relationship making eye contact while having a conversation symbolizes trust and faith. In the same way it is expected that person cannot lie while making an eye contact just because his mind becomes more self-aware.

Eye contact in interviews:

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In situations like the interviews eye contact symbolizes confidence. It is always advised to look into the interviewers eyes whenever answering the questions just because it instills the fact that you are confident about what you are speaking.

Eye contacts have always been an integral part of our day to day routine may it be a conversation we have with our boss, or may it be presenting our ideas to our colleagues or it may even be having a casual conversation with our loved ones. So when next time anybody tells you to look into their eyes and confess something you already know where it is coming from!

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