Beating the heat!

Picture1 10 - Beating the heat!


Picture1 10 - Beating the heat!

Being in the Indian subcontinent we are blessed with the number of seasons. We have our long and drenching monsoons, the cold and dry winters and the most famous of them all is the “summer”. As a child, we all used to lover summers because it meant the end of examinations and the beginning of the vacations. It was a time to get our travel bags packed, play and then have fun. For most of us, it was always the long sessions of intense cricket which stretched from mid-afternoon to late evenings. As time passed by we realized that summer has a dark side too. The scorching heat accompanied by the struggle to get to the office on time has slowly changed the favorite of all seasons to the season which we just want to end. The summers are here and we are all feeling the heat (like literally). And in this heat, it is very important to keep ourselves hydrated so that we do not fall prey to this intense weather.  Surviving the summers is really an art and the biggest problem that arises is the dehydration. “How much water should I really drink to keep myself really hydrated?” is the common question that comes to our minds. Let’s try to seek some answers for it.

Depending on the temperature:

Picture2 6 - Beating the heat!

The exact amount of water level which is required clearly varies from a person to person. However, 2 to 4 liters is the actual target that is required to be met by active adults to stay healthy. The intake of water even depends on the temperature that’s outside. If you are in a place where the temperatures have already hit 40 degree Celsius it is definitely advised to consume a higher amount of water.

Depending on the routine:

Picture3 2 - Beating the heat!

If you are an individual who is in fitness and tends to spend more time in gyms it is suggested you drink a larger amount of water. With active exercise, the body loses fluids and it is very important to replenish them so as to keep the body well hydrated. So the next time you hit the gym does not forget to carry a water bottle.

When to actually drink water:

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In our hectic work schedule, we totally get engrossed in the work and do not really focus on the minute things. It is not necessary to be thirsty to drink water. Experts suggest that you must drink water before you actually feel thirsty so that the body has enough fluids in it to keep running.  If you’re not feeling thirsty reading this it’s still suggested that you should have a sip of water.

Not only water:

Picture5 2 - Beating the heat!

Summer brings with itself a large variety of fruits may it be watermelons musk melons or cucumbers. These fruits in addition to being healthy to have a large water content as well. So it is advised to have a higher consumption of these fruits. These foods have the ability to maintain body temperature and provide it with the required nutrients and fluids.

Due to large scale pollution and an increase in global warming the environment has suffered a lot with every passing year the temperature only breaks a new record. So it is very much important to be ready to tackle the intense weathers so when in summers don’t forget to drink up.


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