The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

Picture1 16 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

Picture1 16 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

The world is becoming smaller with the advent of technology and the boom of social media, it cannot be wrong to say that the world is literally at our fingertips. This has also lead to a peaceful co-existence between different cultures all over the world. The coexistence of the culture brings in their custom traditions along with their cuisines. Sitting in Mumbai we can definitely go ahead and enjoy any type of cuisine that we want from the Lebanese cuisine to a heavy all American burger. Even with all these types of food available around us, there is this one cuisine that has become an integral part of our everyday lives. Yes, it is Chinese food. Strolling down the streets of any city in India you will definitely find the vendors with the big frying pan tossing noodles and rice in the air. The aroma surely makes each and every one of us wonder about Chinese food.


Picture2 10 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

The red schezwan has become one of the most used chutney in our lives. We have started using it for rice noodles and now even bhel puris. We all love the greasy and spicy taste that comes with the Hakka noodles or the heat on our lips when we tear away a chicken lollipop. I know we can all relate to it and claim having tasted the Chinese food but however, we are wrong. We have just tasted ‘Indian Chinese’ and ripped off of the original Chinese food with an Indian twist. So let’s take a dig in the real Chinese food and how it looks like and how different is it from the Indian Chinese.


Picture3 6 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

So what’s real Chinese food about? It surely isn’t always red in color, it has some exotic meats and a different set of spices which is not common to India.

Did you know that Peking Duck is a national dish of China? It is a national treasure and always prepared with meticulous attention to detail.

Picture4 6 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

Everybody has a favorite part and they are fiercely guarded about those cuts. Another authentic Chinese favorite is Jellyfish! Almost like revenge, it’s served cold, tossed with green onions and sesame oil. Try picturing that, and ask yourself if it gets you salivating now? Another delicacy is the ‘Phoenix Claws’. While chicken feet are simply disposed in India, the Chinese spice it up and make a soup of it. That surely must have whetted your appetite! Before you scramble away, let us introduce you to Mapo Tofu, a zesty Szechwan preparation which pours a fiery red ground pork sauce over soft tofu, black beans, and green onions. Even though Mapo Tofu seems the friendliest of all the dishes it would taste far too different from your regular Indian Chinese food. So the Chinese we get at our local street shops is definitely what you would find when you roam in the streets of Beijing.

So next time somebody asks you about your favorite it’s better to think twice before going ahead and confidently say “Chinese!”