The healthiest children in the world

Picture1 18 - The healthiest children in the world

Picture1 18 - The healthiest children in the world

Health is a factor that all of us are always concerned about. Every day we try to strive to have a lifestyle which really keeps us healthy. Experts suggest having good meals and having regular exercise to have a good and energetic way of living. World’s perception in terms of ‘what is healthy’ is also definitely changing. The struggle to be healthy starts from the time we are toddlers. Keeping their baby healthy is one of the momentous task each and every parent has to face. However difficult this task is when it comes to a global scenario our Asian parents are definitely excelling at it. With studies claiming that Asian children are some of the healthiest children in the world, we should all take a look at how their children get so healthy and incorporate these ideas into our own habits. In fact, many cultural norms developed in Asian countries have turned out to be extremely helpful in keeping children healthy, in some ways it might even surprise you… Let us see what the steps are taken by Asian parents to keep their children really healthy.


Prevent from reading closely

Picture2 13 - The healthiest children in the world

Childhood has become synonymous with studies. The emphasis which the modern parents give to education and studies is really praiseworthy. However extensive reading causes strain on the eyes. Also, some students have a habit of reading very closely this has a very bad effect on the eyes which may cause vision problems in the future. In many Chinese schools, bars are installed at schools that are actually designed to help kids’ eyes stay healthy. In addition, the bars might also help kids develop good posture.


Conducting eye exercise

Picture3 9 - The healthiest children in the world

As discussed with the increased reading the major health issue which the younger ones may have to face would definitely in regards to vision. Hence it’s very important to give due attention to the health of the eyes. Elementary and secondary school students are instructed to perform eye exercises which are aimed to improve blood circulation and relax the eye muscles. The exercises involve 6 sessions, which involve rubbing different areas around the eyes and are usually practiced twice a day.


Live streaming classes

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There may be situations when the students may not actually be able to go to school. May it be due to political imbalance or due to weather conditions it is sometimes advised to the students to stay at home. Asian teachers always get a little creative and live-stream their courses out of their empty classrooms. Kids get to learn their lessons from the safe comfort of their homes… It also helps students who live in remote areas, who might not otherwise have access to school.


Enjoying great outdoors

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It’s not very surprising to see kids nowadays wasting their most of the times surfing on the internet. Agreeing to the fact that they are exposed to a vast ocean of knowledge it cannot be denied that they tend to miss out on the physical activities. It is very important to make the kids understand the importance of games and other physical activities.  outdoors is seen as increasingly important in South Korea, with activities like hiking and camping becoming more and more popular. Even people who are used to an urban way of living have been known to take breaks through camping trips. These programs also place a great emphasis on relaxation and mental health awareness.



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