Things we should actually thank NASA for

Picture1 19 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Picture1 19 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Our everyday world is surrounded by gadgets everywhere may it be the phones we use or our laptops. Our mornings start with the alarms on our phones and end by checking out the happening of the world on social media. Imagining our world without these gadgets is seemingly impossible. We all mostly about the inventions of the devices and the stories behind them. Mostly it’s the scientists who have put in the efforts of months and have invented these gadgets which have revolutionized mankind. However, some of the products have hidden stories. The stories of how gadgets which have become an inseparable part of our life were invented are really very interesting. You would be shocked to know that some of the gadgets we use today have actually been invented by NASA. Yes you read it right there are numerous gadgets we use today have been developed due to scientific experiments by NASA. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Computer Mice.

Picture2 12 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

On the hunt for more intuitive computer interface NASA helped develop the computer mouse in the 1960s. Many other prototypes were tested like a light pen however ultimately the mouse won. Hence resulting in the invention of a device which has made a life of all Netizens easier.

Baby Formula

Picture3 8 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Baby foods are the go-to product for every parent when thinking of complete nutrition of the baby. NASA has a major contribution in giving the modern baby foods its modern shape. In the 1980s NASA used microalgae as food for long space trips. This lead to the creation of Formula a product in baby food that helps in brain and vision development.

Modern Golf Clubs

Picture4 8 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Golf is a game loved by many. The game also owes its modern version to the discoveries by NASA. While researching building materials in 1992, NASA discovered a vitrified metal as strong as titanium. Now known as Liquidmetal, it was first used commercially in modern golf clubs.

MRI and CT scans

Picture5 7 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Developments in medical sector always are critical and path-breaking. One major milestone was achieved by NASA during the Apollo mission. During the Apollo lunar landings, NASA developed the digital signal processing to get the pictures of the moon. The same technology was used to develop CAT and MRI scans.

Comfortable running shoes

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Running is the best form of exercise it helps us to burn a lot of calories and makes us feel refreshing. Shoes play an important role when it comes to running. Rubber molding technology was used in making astronaut helmets. The same technology was introduced for running shoes in the ’70s. A former NASA engineer pitched the idea to NIKE and the first Air trainers were born.

Water filters

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For astronauts to have clean water in space NASA developed the water filtration system in the 1970s. Iodine filters purified the water for space missions. This technology is still used by water plants.

Cell phone cameras.

Picture8 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

To capture beautiful orbital images minus the glitter NASA downsized their cameras. Over 30 percent of today’s cell phone cameras use technical advancements attributed to NASA. So with every selfie, we click we definitely owe something to NASA.

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