Picture 1 - WORLD BOOK DAY

Picture 1 - WORLD BOOK DAY

I don’t remember since how long I am here, but I remember the last man who came inside this room and tried to talk to me. In all these racks that man came to my place and picked me. He opened the first page and the expressions on that face made my wait of so many years worth it, said the old rusted book on the shelf. Have we forgotten the existence of the books in our lives? How many of us have the collection of various books till now in our busy schedules.

Since ancient times the history has been written on pages which have made us believe the existence of so many things around the world whether it is the evolving of mankind or the big bang theory, whether it is the Ramayana or Mahabharata everything was recorded and written, which kept its existence till today. Books is that one thing which has imparted knowledge among the humans and now in the era where it needs to be the most familiar thing it is somewhere left behind our life. With the technology growing very fast the pages that had such addictive essence are now the screens on our phones and laptops. So we miss those yellow pages of the book and the feel of turning the pages one after another.

Although all these changes have spread widely still you will always find one person who has an extreme love of books. It is so nice to love those books because they play so many roles in one’s life, you are depressed here they are there with the interesting motivational stories, you are happy where they are to make you happier, everything is available with the appropriate book on the shelf. You just have to choose one and read.

There are few myths and facts about the books that we read which will amaze us.

●Fiction is just an imagination:

Picture2 20 - WORLD BOOK DAY

If you think you can’t learn anything from fiction, then you’re reading the wrong fiction. Sure, the novel can serve as an escape. But to say you can’t learn anything from 1984 or To Kill A Mockingbird or Harry Potter, or thousands of other novels just isn’t true. Jesus taught in parables — in other words, a story, a form of fiction — because it’s an effective teaching method. So if Jesus thinks you can learn from a story, it’s safe to say that you can learn a lot from a novel.

●Too busy to read:

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This statement will usually come from non-readers who are passive-aggressively judging you for spending so much time with your head in a book. Truth is, everyone has time to read. It’s just a matter of priorities. If you have time to play golf, then you have time to read. If you have time to watch American Idol (does anyone even watch that anymore), then you have time to read. You’ve just given that time to something else.

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