Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

Picture1 19 - Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

Picture1 19 - Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

Football in Brazil is more than a sport. It is almost a kind of religion. It is also a way out of poverty. It is a chance to meet new people. It is a way to integrate into society, you’re no more a foreigner if you know how to play Football, you just belong there!

Picture2 18 - Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

Football is deeply ingrained in Brazilian culture to the extent that much of the world see the nation through the lens of the Brazilian National Football Team. Since football was brought to this South American country 115 years ago, Brazil has transformed football into a beautiful art form and tool for social cohesion. With 5 World Cup Championships, Brazil is commonly regarded as one of the best, if not the best, football nations in the world.

In Brazilian culture, football is magical. It is life, it is their blood. It impacts people on a personal level and shared personal experiences drive the role of football in the national culture. There are entire industries and traditions dedicated to football, making it one of the most important elements of Brazilian culture. Everyone has a national team they support and follow, regardless of age or gender. In fact, children are taught from a young age to support one of their parents’ teams. This can be seen when one of the country’s many national championships are taking place.

But when FIFA happens, the whole nation gets together and cheers for their national team.

Picture3 14 - Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

FIFA is another level of madness! During the 2010 World Cup, Google performed an experiment in which they compared how many Google queries are carried out in a country on a typical day to those during a World Cup game. It was no surprise that Brazil showed the biggest dip during games, with its queries dropping by half during its football games. This describes perfectly the Brazilian habit to stop everything during the World Cup. Schools let children out earlier, so they can follow Brazil’s games, and companies supply televisions in the office so employees can follow the game. Shops close, and for the 90 minutes that the Brazilian team is playing, there is little else going on. The further the team goes into the competition, the more life stops. During the World Cup, there are concerts, events and huge screens showing the games in virtually every Brazilian city. Ask any Brazilian on the street what they think about the performance of the Brazilian team, and you’re likely to get a detailed answer of how they’re doing, and suggestions for improvement. During the World Cup, every Brazilian is a football coach!

Picture4 13 - Football, the heart and soul of Brazil

Brazil and Football, the combination is a lifestyle, their pride! The country is as successful as it is passionate, having accumulated five titles, more than any other nation in the world. In terms of the style of football for which it is known, Brazil is particularly agile and choreographed, playing a beautiful game that is rewarding and entertaining to watch. Brazilian players are especially creative with the way that they move, interact and handle the ball.

Brazilians refer to their country as “o País do Futebol” which directly translates to The country of Football, need we talk more?

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