Picture1 29 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

Picture1 29 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

Things you will completely relate to if your best friend is moving to another country

Remember that scene from F.R.I.E.N.D.S when Rachel was moving out from Monica’s place and the way they were crying their eyes out because of that, actually it was an end of an era. When you hear about the admission of your friend in any foreign university, what is your first reaction? Can you recall?

Picture2 27 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

Well obviously you are happy but not being with her, or not having to live that fun again with your best friend, that automatically saddens you and takes you back to those good old days which you have spent together. From sitting on one desk to the late night chats, everything comes back in your mind making it hard for packing her bags. That mixture of feelings of happiness of her new life and you missing being there is what farewells are all about.

Goodbyes are tough, definitely tough and when it is for the best friend they haunt in your dreams. When you count down the days left for her to leave here are few things that you will relate to,

  • When she tells you – your world shatters into pieces, you can’t imagine those alone days, sleepovers, and movies where you have to go alone.

Picture3 22 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

  • You miss her already and can’t believe this is happening. The video calls are definitely not going to make you feel her presence.
  • You keep unpacking whatever she packs because you are really sad like Ross is when Mona leaves for England again.
  • But you also help her shop ‘coz you want your bestie to look all fab in a foreign country, duh!

Picture4 19 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

  • From the fire shots to the serene places you always wanted to go you try to check off as many things as possible on your bucket list, because who knows when is she coming back.

Picture5 16 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

  • You hog most of her time and spend hours at her place because you don’t want to miss any moment with her.

Picture6 13 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

  • You want to feed her everything that she likes, feels like the world is going to end soon. So you eat everything together.
  • Skype, duo everything is installed and all set to get the daily updates from her.

Picture7 8 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

  • On the bright side, from lip kits to fancy chocolates, you’re counting on her to send you goodies
  • You become a master of time zones even before she leaves

Picture8 7 - IT IS AN END OF AN ERA

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