Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

Picture1 33 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

Picture1 33 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

These top picks are representing different segments of the Auto market. The race is tough and those selected are the vehicles that proved to prove to be outstanding all-around performers – living up to the publication’s stringent road-testing regime and exhibiting stellar predicted reliability, safety, and consumer satisfaction.

The road-test regime features a series of tests to evaluate braking, handling, comfort, convenience, safety, and fuel economy over roughly 6,000 miles of driving on vehicles purchased anonymously from dealerships.

Safety is and should always be standard, not a luxury reserved only for those who can afford it.

Here’s a look at the Winners who made it to the top-

1. Compact Luxury Car – Audi A4

Picture2 31 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

The A4 is a thoroughly satisfying sports sedan with precise handling, the latest technology, and undeniable cachet. It’s interior is quiet and decked out in high-quality materials. The balanced suspension provides secure handling and a taut ride that effectively smooths rough patches in the road. The turbocharged four-cylinder engine has a superb response, with plenty of power when needed and a slick-shifting automatic transmission.

2. Luxury SUV – BMW X5

Picture3 25 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

Redesigned for 2019, the midsized X5 is one of the best SUVs that has ever been tested. It’s difficult to make an SUV both luxury-car comfortable and fun to drive, but here BMW strikes the perfect balance.

3. Large Car – Toyota Avalon Hybrid

Picture4 22 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

The redesigned Avalon is a smart, value-driven alternative to luxury sedans such as the Acura TLX and Lexus ES. The spacious, richly furnished cabin has an upscale feel with soft materials and tasteful details.

4. Subcompact car – Honda Fit

Picture5 19 - Top 5 Cars of the Year 2019

Perennially a top-ranked subcompact car, the Honda Fit offers a versatile and roomy cargo area, spacious and comfortable seating, a long list of available tech features, and terrific gas mileage for the segment. Due to its combination of quality and value, 2019 Fit the Best Subcompact Car for the Money.

5. Midsize SUV – Chevy Traverse

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Among midsize SUVs, the Chevy Traverse is one of the most spacious choices. Even those stuck in the third row won’t complain about being squeezed. Plus, the Traverse has room for 23 cubic feet of gear behind the third-row seat, which is great for the class. It offers a smooth ride and user-friendly tech. Since demand for the Traverse is falling this year, now is a good time to negotiate a price below sticker.

These are the cars that won admiration and recommended with confidence.

What It Takes to Be TopsA model has to have an exemplary Overall Score in it’s category to be a Top Pick. This single number combines road-test performance, reliability, owner satisfaction and safety. A car that scores high in all four of these key measures is truly extraordinary.

Road Test: This score is based on more than 50 tests and evaluations conducted at Auto Test Centers by experienced staff.

Reliability: There’s prediction on how new cars will likely hold up based on problems reported by subscribers for more than half a million vehicles.

Owner Satisfaction: Owner satisfaction is rated based on the percentage of surveyed owners who say they’d definitely buy the same vehicle again.

Safety: All recommended cars must perform well in accident-avoidance tests and also provide effective occupant protection in government or insurance industry crash tests (if the vehicle has been tested). Models with standard forward-collision warning and/or automatic emergency braking are given bonus points.

Test drive them today and get your keys!

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