Life before Social media

Picture1 37 - Life before Social media

Picture1 37 - Life before Social media

Social networking has become one of the basic necessities of life after Food, Clothing and Shelter. And let’s not pretend that we can enjoy our life without Internet and it’s bounties.

Long back people just ate what was served in their plates and watched sunsets! The 80’s kids don’t have a collection of pictures of –

The food they ate

Their manicured nails

The new shoes

The haircut

That slit dress

The ‘fancy named’ hairstyle

The sunset

The steering of the car

The endless road

The new bloomed flower

Let alone a 1000 pictures of their kids when they-






Covered in Nutella and what not

(Now read all the above in one breathe)

Right now imagining a life without social media sounds like the Stone age! But it was far more beautiful and far more simpler, less ego, less complex, more confident that this generation will never relate to!

Picture2 35 - Life before Social media

The ‘Like button’ plays a big role in our lives now, the food may or may not be tasty but more the number of likes, the more satisfied the cook is!

Before social media all the ‘Likes’ that mattered are the ones who got to eat the food!

Earlier the only people who took us by storm were the drunk relatives and the “know-it-all” aunts, but now there’s a bigger bunch of society who gives us Online bullshit.

Dude I didn’t even bother my tearing teeth is not in the correct angle as per your photography classes on YouTube!

Picture3 29 - Life before Social media

After all the days work while you are heading to bed and you think of let’s check Instagram to know which friend is finally taking that Europe trip and Who’s linked up with whom and then we could sleep peacefully. And it is only an hour later that we realise we just saw a Celebrity cat sit by the cake for 40 seconds before it destroyed that wine glass castle. Why God, why?

Back in the ‘90s, many of us could go an entire day — an entire week — without reading a story that made us feel like bleaching our eyes or sequestering our-self into a doomsday shelter or running to the nearest doctor for a diagnosis of a disease we’re sure we have.

Especially because reading a fake article about something that happens if we look at our phones in 35 degrees angle, no no 35.2 degrees!

Back in the day if we were snapped in a Polaroid camera with open mouth or closed eyes, of course it sucked, but it suck only privately. Now imagine all those god forbidden tagged pictures of yours on Facebook and even before you ask them to take it down, there are a 100 comments! I just want the earth to swallow me up for that picture online.

What’s worse, that picture becomes up again as a Reminder exactly a year later, duh!

So before Social media, I wasn’t updated about the new Eyebrow trend, nor did I know that high waist jeans can be paired with sneakers and that it was a style statement. I was totally mind blown after watching those YouTube videos where I believed the Baker would hang upside down to make that design on that cake, but it is nothing close to what I imagined!

That celebrity Life how we imagined it would be, was the biggest myth in decades! They too brush their teeth and have bad hair days hahaha! Ever seen a celebrity brush their teeth? No right, then why did you just roll your eyes on me!

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