Smartphone Hacks!

Picture1 49 - Smartphone Hacks!

Picture1 49 - Smartphone Hacks!

All of us are owners of Smartphones, but we hardly know what a big treasure we are carrying with us.

We can be more than just callers and texters. The invention of convenient apps has made our world turn upside down.

There is a variety of apps ranging from simple to complicated working, enabling us to become multi professionals.

Today, smartphones have gone to an advanced extent than ever. New technology will be introduced someday and it will be there in smartphones sooner than our thoughts. The phones which we are using nowadays packs features like fingerprint screen lock, front and rear-facing cameras, dual-cameras, IR blaster, heart rate monitors, and whatnot.

Most of the smartphones available in the market are user-friendly; hence, it doesn’t require a strong learning curve to unlock the functioning. Still, there are a few things you probably won’t be aware of what your phone could do for you.

Even if you are a tech-savvy person, you probably don’t have awareness about every trick and hack related to smartphones. Here in this story, we have compiled some very useful smartphone hacks and tricks using which you can solve common problems of your daily life. Let’s begin.

  • Did you know there are apps that turn your smartphone into a surveillance station? You just have to get it on your phone and Boom, you can record the happenings and stream it live from somewhere else. This is helpful for working moms who leave their babies with the Nanny and can check on whenever needed without installing cameras.

Picture2 47 - Smartphone Hacks!

  • Did you know your smartphone can be used for spying without getting caught? There are apps that enable your phone’s camera to switch on Night vision. You can gather proof of the neighboring pet dog spoiling your garden at night.
  • Did you know you can be technologically updated parent to keep a watch on what your teenager is browsing on the computer? You have apps that need to be installed on the computer and the mobile phone and done! You can always know where the teenager is getting ideas to increase his pocket money.

Picture3 38 - Smartphone Hacks!

  • Did you know you can have apps installed on your phone so no one can trace back to you? You can change the country and the IP address and browse to know more about the change in the Free shipping advertisement that is claimed only in your region.
  • Did you know there’s an app that beeps when your sibling touches your phone to know about your weekend party? Yes, that’s right. Get this app and you will never be afraid to leave your phone unattended.

Picture4 30 - Smartphone Hacks!

  • Did you know you can own a second number free of cost and choose to use it or not at your convenience? Generally, we go for a Second SIM, but without any technical support or devices, you can get an app Installed and use a second number to call and text from that number.
  • Did you know you can trick your colleagues too with your phone and not just that 5-year-old cousin? Find an app that allows you to receive calls without touching your phone, just wave and you can speak.
  • Did you know you can click photos on your phone in more ways than one? The obvious one being the ‘Click’ button on the camera, the second one is using the volume buttons, and the third one is using the buttons on your headphone. You can click photos while everyone will think you’re hearing songs.

image source: Google