Sports+Studies=Happy Life

Picture1 54 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

Picture1 54 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this saying definitely makes us restrain the lethargic life that we chose. This situation comes in play every-time when career and studies become everything in a student’s life. At such point, the student’s role play is automatically leaned towards studies, and that’s why unhealthy life leads on this see-saw of sports and studies. But one does not need to lean towards any one thing, because every student can manage and balance the see-saw of healthy life and studies. Here are some ways which will make it easy for you to balance the sports within your studies.

  • Time management: “I don’t get time to play nowadays”, “my schedule is too busy to take out time for some physical activity doctor” don’t we say these sentences very often? Well, that is completely redundant because 1 hour a day for physical activities including sports and exercise is enough for the human being to stay healthy. Hence managing the time is what it takes for including sports in our daily routine. If you succeed in sticking yourself with the schedule that definitely needs a reward which will motivate you the next time to plan and prioritize.


Picture2 52 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

  • Do not procrastinate: this is depended on the above factor. If your schedule is all set with everything included from sports to studies and even entertainment, then life will become a beautiful day every-day. But delaying any one activity will make you disturb the schedule making you drag your feet towards your health. Gradually it will lead to pilling of other work like studies which will hit you back with stress, and that’s the biggest enemy of human beings.

Picture3 43 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

  • Be conscious about the warning signs: fatigue, lack of sleep, and other health issues are the red signals of not having a healthy lifestyle. So realizing them as soon as possible is the best and the only option one should choose. Only studying will never let you achieve your dreams no wonder how a big scientist or engineer you are willing to become inculcating sports or physical activities is way too important to reach and achieve your dreams. So when you are unable to concentrate on your studies because of the blank section of exercise in your schedule then wake up to that sign and start exercising.

Picture4 35 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

  • Remember your purpose: Investing an hour daily for your health is not a waste of time students. So when you make your schedule if you keep your mindset towards sports and exercise as an important part then you will absolutely try keeping up to that 1 hour daily. Being aware of the importance of that one hour will motivate you to keep up the same perseverance for the rest of your life. Remembering this purpose will be fruitful for the long run as well.

Picture5 29 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

If you follow these Tips to Balance Sports and Studies you may be the all-rounder of your class

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