The most hilarious stories of 2019

Picture1 5 - The most hilarious stories of 2019

Picture1 5 - The most hilarious stories of 2019

No no no 2019 has not ended but 5 months have passed and it has been a quite interesting year till now, don’t you think? So many things have happened in just 5 months just imagine how the rest of 2019 is going to be. From the Pulwama attack to the elections there have been soo many stories to narrate and laugh. Out of the thousands of stories we have few listed below which will make you laugh really hard.

1. Woman shamed for ‘gross’ act on a plane; social media finds it funny:

Picture2 5 - The most hilarious stories of 2019

When you are on the flight you come across a lot of bizarre people. Someone has to snore beside you, or someone has to talk loudly, flight journeys are filled with weird people all around. A few months back same incident happened in a flight where a woman became barefoot relaxing her legs upwards and leaving the smelling shoes on the floor. A user with the account name of ‘passenger shaming’ posted a picture of this on Instagram. The picture shows the woman being comfortable by putting her legs up in the air and resting them on the chair in front. Her feet are comfortably placed on the headrest. However, a catch to the story is that the woman has placed a grey hat over her bare feet. It seems to suggest that she is hiding them from flight attendants or fellow passengers who might grill her for such behavior. The picture was captioned saying, “Personally I would never want to be a member of any group where you either have to wear a hat, or you can’t wear a hat.”

2. Wedding without a bride:

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27-year-old Ajay Barot’s wish was to have a grand wedding celebration, just like his cousin had. While his long-standing wish was fulfilled, his wedding had a missing element – a bride for the groom. Barot’s family decided to fulfill the dream of their child by giving him a lavish wedding, but unfortunately, it was not possible for them to find a match for Ajay. Therefore, they decided to have the wedding without a bride but ensured that all Gujarati rituals and traditions were followed

3. Whale return the phone of a woman:

A cute video of a Beluga whale returning iPhone to its owner after it fell in the sea, has gone viral on social media. The video which is apparently filmed in Norway’s Hammerfest shows a whale swimming towards the surface of the water with a phone in its mouth that was dropped by its owner Isa Opdahl.

The incident took place when Isa Opdahl, who was out in a boat with her friends, accidentally dropped her phone in the water. When the whale got the phone, all Opdahl had to do was take it from its mouth. The incident caught the attention on social media.

4. Naked man photo-bombs couple’s pre-wedding shoot:

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On March 14, Amy Sefton and her fiance Jake were walking at San Elijo State Beach along with Austin Whitesell to capture some candid shots during the golden hour.

The pair chose pristine beaches and glowing horizons but it was elderly gentleman invaded the picture who was wearing just a white G-string and faced his back to the camera. The couple is going to remember this incident forever in their life.

5. Wife files divorce after husband stops her from playing PUBG:

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20-something old Emirati woman filed for divorce from her husband because he stopped her from playing the online game, PUBG.

“The woman justified her demand for divorce by saying that she was being deprived of her right to chose her means of entertainment as she derived pleasure and comfort from the game,” said Captain Wafa Khalil, Director of Social center at Ajman Police. Captain Al Hosani told Gulf news that it was one of the most bizarre cases that the center had ever received in regards to the online game.

Hosani said that an Arab woman came to seek help after a dispute over PUBG. “It was well within limits, she said, adding that she had not activated the chat option where she would be exposed to strangers and was playing the game only with her friends and relatives,” said Hosani.

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