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Hormones — such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline, and insulin — are extremely important chemical messengers that affect many aspects of your overall health. Hormones are secreted by various glands and organs, including your thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, ovaries, testicles, and pancreas. The entire endocrine system works together to control the level of hormones circulating throughout your […]

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Picture1 1 360x188 - Silly mistakes people make at the gym

Silly mistakes people make at the gym

Maintaining yourself is a really important thing nowadays, so hitting the gym is quite a normal scenario nowadays. But when you go to a gym here are a few mistakes which you might probably make, 1. Waiting for equipment Gym lines are bound to form during peak hours. The best fix? Head to the gym […]

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Picture1 360x188 - Say Goodbye to Bad breath

Say Goodbye to Bad breath

Bad breath also is known as Halitosis, is often an ignored hygiene concept and the one who is punished because of it, is the other person. Here are some common triggers of bad breath: 1.Improper brushing 2.Gum disease 3.Teeth cavities 4.Foods such as onion and garlic 5.Food debris in the teeth and tongue 6.A low […]

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Picture1 22 360x188 - DON’T FAKE FOR THE SAKE..


Fake it till you make it – basically, in an Insta caption, we all have used at one point in our pretentious lives. But, also a go-to life hack of adulting, this faking apparently doesn’t come without some side-effects. A study has found out that offering fake smiles at work leads to employees drinking more heavily after […]

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Picture1 50 360x188 - Baby Positions During Pregnancy!

Baby Positions During Pregnancy!

Be it the first pregnancy or the fourth, mothers are always excited to feel the first kick! That baby kicks very quickly grow into full kicks and punches and tickles. As labor approaches, some positions are safer than others. As your baby grows during pregnancy, they may move around quite a bit in the womb. […]

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What is alkaline food? Alkaline food is that food which balances the body PH level. The diet eliminates foods that have high acid and emphasizes foods that are high in alkaline. Acid is excess and alkaline means there’s much less. In the middle is neutral. While you might think neutral must be best, there are […]

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Picture1 26 360x188 - Difference between PCOS and PCOD

Difference between PCOS and PCOD

Men and Women are often confused between PCOS and PCOD while addressing the disease and its symptoms. Let’s find out – PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an endocrine system disorder that affects women in their reproductive years. Small fluid-filled sacs develop on the ovaries. Most women with PCOS grow a number of small cysts, […]

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Picture1 25 360x188 - 5 HEALTH BENEFITS OF TEA


Morning tea is the energy booster and wakeup call for almost everyone. Perfect tea has been the mystery for so many years for the tea lovers, as the place with the best tea in the city is always the most crowded and visited a place, why? Because one cup of tea has our feeling resided […]

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The month becomes so lousy and painting when the date of your period comes nearby. The painting thighs are killing and you know what is the worst part, the pimple popping out right when you have to go out. Trust me that won’t disappear in a minute as they show it in commercials. Every girl […]

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Picture1 2 360x188 - 10 parenting advices

10 parenting advices

Perfect parenting is not a myth anymore! Long before you even know your kids put you behind their friends and teachers and you are only their 3rd Go to place for opinion. Are we really their best influencer? In the tough fight from becoming the gentle parent to breathing fire through the nostrils, we put […]

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Picture1 360x188 - World Laughter Day

World Laughter Day

Every day must be a laughter day, for spreading smiles, and happiness on the faces around, a day without laughter is a day wasted. Wherever there is a smile, there is a little success, as we can comprehend; the psychiatric patient is most greedy for affection and love. They can only be spread through laughter […]

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Picture1 31 360x188 - HOW TO TREAT THE HEAT STROKE


Summer is here and we are already facing the intense heat. Surviving summers have always been an uphill task for all of us. The long and tiring afternoons of summer drench and suck the life out of us. Much physical illness is also incurred during summers. Having dehydration is one of the most common issues […]

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Picture1 28 360x188 - Fit into your summer clothes this summer!

Fit into your summer clothes this summer!

Want to flaunt those abs? Want to make other girls jealous? Want to impress your boyfriend? Want to add more heat with your hotness to this Summer? Did you say YES to all those questions? Yes again! You have all the secrets here! Some have to be started early if you’re late, there are some […]

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Picture1 26 360x188 - Few exercise tips to be done at home

Few exercise tips to be done at home

Fitness is defined as “the state of good health and well-being”. Although every-one of us strives for fitness and wants to get into good shape, it seems like it is impossible to do so for some of the other reasons.  Running or working out outdoors in the sun during summers can be tedious, no one enjoys it […]

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Pomegranate is the fruit which is the last option to take from the fridge because of the tedious method to eat it. Hence everyone avoids walking to the fridge to have pomegranates. Pomegranates are not just tasty to eat, but drinking freshly squeezed pomegranate juice can also provide you with a string of health benefits. […]

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Picture1 18 360x188 - The healthiest children in the world

The healthiest children in the world

Health is a factor that all of us are always concerned about. Every day we try to strive to have a lifestyle which really keeps us healthy. Experts suggest having good meals and having regular exercise to have a good and energetic way of living. World’s perception in terms of ‘what is healthy’ is also […]

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Picture1 10 360x188 - Beating the heat!

Beating the heat!

  Being in the Indian subcontinent we are blessed with the number of seasons. We have our long and drenching monsoons, the cold and dry winters and the most famous of them all is the “summer”. As a child, we all used to lover summers because it meant the end of examinations and the beginning […]

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travel around the world low cost 360x188 - How to Travel the World with low cost

How to Travel the World with low cost

Follow this eventual guide to travel prudence and see the world on the extreme low cost1. Get a Job abroad Not making a sure efficient salary at your job? Why not get a job abroad? There is an abundance of convenience in the world as high as you aren’t choosy and after all, this isn’t a […]

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Featured Image 360x188 - Supreme and Worst Foods for Anxiety

Supreme and Worst Foods for Anxiety

Even though a person tends to eat healthy and exercise frequently, is they searching that they still can’t imply to shed off the weight? See to your stress causes. A low diet, busy schedule, and a challenging job can provide to constant anxiety levels, which can avoid from losing weight and may also add on […]

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10 reasons why girls always gain weight after marriage 43935 360x188 - Reasons why girls always gain weight after marriage

Reasons why girls always gain weight after marriage

Weight gain issue is the major issue among women and this issue develops into a headache post marriage. You certainly have listened, persons talking about unexpected development in their weight post their marriage. As per the study written in a daily journal ‘The Obesity’, 82% couple’s gains weight up to 5-10 kgs after 5 years […]

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maxresdefault 360x188 - Awesome facts you never knew about kissing

Awesome facts you never knew about kissing

The science of kissing is called philematology and an opposition to kissing is called philemaphobia. The most necessary muscle in kissing is the orbicularis oris. It is also known as the kissing muscle, which grants the lips to pucker. While a fast pucker kiss uses only two muscles, a complete French kiss includes all 34 […]

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cancer featured image 360x188 - Alluring Facts about Cancer

Alluring Facts about Cancer

Various aspects develop the possibility of cancer, containing contaminant, tobacco use, few infections, radiation, obesity, and absence of physical exercise. The Predicted 5 to 10% of cancers are completely genetic. Most cancers, establish over a consolidation of hereditary and environmental aspects. Smoking causes a predicted 90% of lung cancer. Tobacco has killed around 40 – […]

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bad food featured 360x188 - Food those are bad for health

Food those are bad for health

In today’s world, most of the people in most part of the world get most of their calories from processed, fast, and fake foods. The fast food health dangers are disgraceful and it is only getting poor. The overall fast food market is spreading. And the requirement for packaged foods is anticipated to develop as well. Modernized food industry giants are destructively […]

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joints featured image 360x188 - Self care steps to get relief or avoid joint pain at home

Self care steps to get relief or avoid joint pain at home

Joints are the part of the body where the bones meet. Joints enable the bones of the skeleton to move. The movement of joints includes shoulder, hips, elbow and knees. Joint pain refers to discomfort, aches, inflammation and soreness from any part of joint including cartilage, bone, ligaments, tendons or muscles after a certain activity. […]

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Weight loss food featured image 360x188 - Most weight loss friendly foods

Most weight loss friendly foods

Variety of foods goes over contrasting metabolic thoroughfare in your body. They can have tremendously contrasting effects on your craving, hormones and the amount of calories you burn. While there is no food which is a magic bullet for weight loss, but there are few foods that can support you manage your weight-loss goals. Most […]

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