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Picture1 8 360x188 - 5 SURPRISING USE OF BAKING SODA


Baking soda is a very familiar ingredient from the kitchen, and so are its uses in baking. Apart from baking, there are many uses of baking soda which will escape you from some severe problems in daily life. Today let’s see these hacks of baking which will definitely make life more easier. Deodorant Yes, it […]

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Picture1 3 360x188 - STREET FOOD OF HONGKONG


Street food has been an essential part of Hong Kong’s history long before it became Asia’s financial capital. Early in the 19th century, small food stalls began to appear and quickly gained popularity for serving affordable meals to low-income workers. Around 1945, the government began issuing licenses an attempt to regulate the street food scene […]

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Picture1 2 360x188 - Best Homemade Cupcake Recipes

Best Homemade Cupcake Recipes

When we can’t decide how much is too much, then Cupcake is the answer! A whole cake might look too much but 3 cupcakes, maybe 4 is alright, yeah? Here are some easy hands-on cupcake recipes that are sure shot heart winners – 1. VANILLA CUPCAKES Ingredients 110g softened butter 110g golden caster sugar 2 […]

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What do you eat in a vegetarian diet? Hey let’s go out for dinner, but what will you have in a vegan diet? Do you get enough proteins from your food? Ohhh these questions have always pricked every vegetarian in their life. But what exactly does Vegan mean and most importantly why should you care […]

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Picture1 18 360x188 - Foods we can never eat because of climate change

Foods we can never eat because of climate change

Climate change has been a major concern for human beings because with global warming there has been quite a major change in the lifestyle which also includes food. Because of the climate change many food items are being extinct or delayed from its seasonal appearance. As worsening drought and extreme weather devastate crops, you may […]

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Picture1 11 360x188 - Eating it right - Sushi

Eating it right – Sushi

The authentic Japanese Sushi is a dish prepared with vinegared rice, seafood such as squid, eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna or imitation crab meat; veggies and often with tropical fruits. It is often served with pickled ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. Daikon radish or pickled daikon are popular garnishes for the dish. Every ingredient that goes […]

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Picture1 57 360x188 - 10 Essential Whisky Cocktails You Should Try

10 Essential Whisky Cocktails You Should Try

1. Classic Whiskey Smash 7 fresh mint leaves1 lemon half1 tbsp simple syrup1/4 cup bourbonCrushed ice Using a muddler or the handle of a wooden spoon, mash 7 fresh mint leaves, 1 lemon half, quartered lengthwise, and 1 Tbsp. Simple syrup in a 16-oz. mixing glass or a cocktail shaker 4–5 times just to release […]

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Picture1 51 360x188 - 'Egg'celent facts!

‘Egg’celent facts!

Eggs are the easiest and yummiest of foods that are also fulfilling. But how well do we know about the eggs on our plate? Here are some facts about our quick eat – Eggs! Egg whites are healthier than the yolk. When you order for the light breakfast at restaurants, they usually serve you omelette […]

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Picture1 46 360x188 - Burger King Introduced Unhappy Meals

Burger King Introduced Unhappy Meals

Are you happy? No! Well no problem, to share your sadness or anger and also to console you we have the most incredible but unhappy meal for your happiness, says burger king.  In the month of May if you ever feel very hot and don’t feel good enough burger king is definitely going to console […]

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Picture1 39 360x188 - Food blogging trend

Food blogging trend

It is not way too long ago that this ‘Camera eats first’ ceremony had begun and took all the foodies by storm! This is the height of connecting with people through food! Earlier there were Food carnivals and Open kitchens and Chef Battles, now Food blogging is the new Black! Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram have […]

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Picture1 38 360x188 - Foods to avoid at a Restaurant

Foods to avoid at a Restaurant

I know this is bad news according to the foodies but that favorite restaurant of yours you consider it as a Heaven doesn’t consider you as the Godmother yet! A big chain of restaurants or the famous one or the expensive one or the Local ones, whichever you choose, can definitely serve you what your […]

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Picture1 23 360x188 - Food cart revolution

Food cart revolution

Food brings people together. Food carts, food pods or food trucks—whatever you choose to call them—offer cheap and interesting cuisines from around the world. This small non-restaurants help create vibrant downtown areas and provide the chance for students, office workers and tourists alike to find delicious bargain food. These one-stop, four-wheel shops with signature dishes […]

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Picture1 15 360x188 - Desserts you can cook at home

Desserts you can cook at home

It is always tough to impress people with taste buds! More the taste buds tougher it gets – specifically little kids in the house How about cooking up super easy desserts and getting compliments worth hours of hard work? *Wink wink* You heard it right! You will only have to work hard on the name, […]

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Picture1 16 360x188 - The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

The ‘Real Desi’ Chinese.

The world is becoming smaller with the advent of technology and the boom of social media, it cannot be wrong to say that the world is literally at our fingertips. This has also lead to a peaceful co-existence between different cultures all over the world. The coexistence of the culture brings in their custom traditions […]

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Picture1 14 360x188 - The Beer Saga

The Beer Saga

We are all tired from our hectic schedule at work. All of us really hate spending the entire weeks buried in the office chairs just cursing the work we are being forced to do. Especially if it’s a Monday nothing can match our hatred for the day and the desperation to wait for the weekend. […]

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