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Picture1 19 360x188 - NAMO AROUND THE GLOBE…


From 5 years(2014-2018) of the NAMO government in India, Narendra Modi has been the most popular youth face. it is quite a proud moment for the whole country where India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been declared as the winner of a reader’s poll for world’s most powerful person 2019 conducted by a leading British […]

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Picture1 55 360x188 - America After the Loud 'Trump'et

America After the Loud ‘Trump’et

The first two years of the Trump White House have been quite eventful, to say the least. But let’s ignore the drama and instead focus on the numbers. Let us track the president’s progress on his agenda and how it is received by the American public and the wider world, and there are interesting and […]

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Featured Image 2 360x188 - 10 Basic Legal Rights Every Woman Should Know

10 Basic Legal Rights Every Woman Should Know

Women’s Rights : The security of ladies is the greatest worry for the country. Indeed, even after numerous bringing different security measures and running number of battles of ladies strengthening, there appears to have no adjustment in the state of the nation. From their approach to class, school or office to their approach to home […]

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