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Effect of technology on humans Featured Image 360x188 - Effect of Technology on Humans

Effect of Technology on Humans

Technology is very strong and nothing is as good as technology at making life better. We have reached at that point of history where it’s almost impossible to imagine the world without technology – i.e. smartphones, computers, and most importantly- the Internet. Just imagine a world without technology, i.e. cell phones, personal computers, and television. […]

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featured images 360x188 - Common Problems Faced by Our Globe

Common Problems Faced by Our Globe

Global concern is any concern that affects the global community and the environment in a disastrous way. The solution to these global issues often requires coordination among the world. In a survey most of the people chose climate change as their serious issue and it is not hidden from anyone that climate change is only […]

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featured 1 360x188 - Best Gaming Consoles You Can Buy in 2018

Best Gaming Consoles You Can Buy in 2018

Video game consoles are changing gears of innovation with the speed of light. Numerous organizations are giving it a shot to make what ought to be called as the most intense gaming console ever and taking a gander at the progressions; I can state that it will be accomplished soon. For the most part, three […]

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08281a3 360x188 - Most generously compensated JOBS

Most generously compensated JOBS

1. Investment investors Source Passage level – Rs 12,00,000; Mid-Career – Rs 30,00,000; Experienced – Rs 50,00,000+ Speculation saving money has dependably been a lucrative field for fund graduates and it is one of the most noteworthy paying employments as well. From stacking a great deal of gold, we have moved to more unstable measures […]

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featured image 360x188 - Earth is flat!!! As believed by some people

Earth is flat!!! As believed by some people

Do you know, there still exists a flat earth society? Here are some theories believed by them. 1. The Earth looks flat so it must be flat. Source Rolling back the years to medieval ages. 2. NASA started a round earth conspiracy to debunk religion. Source Ohh come on NASA, what problem do you have […]

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1 360x188 - Top 10 Small Invention that you never noticed

Top 10 Small Invention that you never noticed

1. Matchbox: These blow up candles, cigars, candles and lights, among others, and 500 billion matches sold overall for each year get made. 2. Napkins: These are utilized as a part of an assortment of ways. You can utilize them to tidy or incidentally wrap something up, for instance. 3. String: Chances are, you’re wearing […]

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