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Picture1 19 360x188 - Things we should actually thank NASA for

Things we should actually thank NASA for

Our everyday world is surrounded by gadgets everywhere may it be the phones we use or our laptops. Our mornings start with the alarms on our phones and end by checking out the happening of the world on social media. Imagining our world without these gadgets is seemingly impossible. We all mostly about the inventions […]

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Featured 360x188 - The psychology of eye contact

The psychology of eye contact

“Oh It was the love at first sight!” we often say when we try to narrate our love stories. This phrase has been used by us at least once in our lifetime and not only we but also our parents and sometimes even our grandparents come up with this line. It may sound like a […]

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how to evaluate weak links in your sales team 360x188 - Reasons Your Sales Team Is Weak

Reasons Your Sales Team Is Weak

A person might be an abhorrent chief, but if they are in sales for long enough, they will be promoted to higher level i.e. management. Nevertheless, their possibility of moving higher to a Vice President or Director of Sales position is nil. Only favorable sales managers are sales executives. Salesperson requires being fearless of making […]

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104951507 Bitcoin Continues red 360x188 - Causes why bitcoin looks even better than in 2017

Causes why bitcoin looks even better than in 2017

Bitcoin ascended in a few short hours exploding over the $5,000 obstruction, and HODLers are massaging their hands with delight preparing for the next grand run. Below are the few reasons why Bitcoin looks even better now than in 2017. Better fundamentals:  For any market to reach adulthood, it must go over various optimistic and […]

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Featured image 3 360x188 - Social Impacts of Online Shopping

Social Impacts of Online Shopping

Although the internet has evolved into a part and parcel of our presence, online shopping sites are prospering and getting famous with each passing day. Shopping, the meaning and the idea, both have been transformed in the current years. This is a certain part of advancement, technically and culturally. However at the starting few of […]

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Featured Image 2 360x188 - Myths about Smart Phones

Myths about Smart Phones

If you have a smartphone, you are aware of the efforts of battery life and performance problems in older phones. We were told that there are few ways we should use our phones in order to keep them working in good condition, maintain battery, etc. You’ll be shocked to know that few things we all […]

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Featured Image 1 1 360x188 - Common phobia you must have not heard about

Common phobia you must have not heard about

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that’s unlikely to cause danger or harm. It’s from a Greek word Phobos, which means horror and fear. A phobia is a type of anxiety disorder. It is an intense fear or anxiety from any object, place or situation, even when there is no danger. It is […]

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strangest facts featured image 360x188 - Strangest facts in the world

Strangest facts in the world

87 days is the longest time between two twins being born. The deepest postbox of the world is in Susami Bay in Japan. It’s underwater. With the help of animal and fish intestines, the condoms were made in 1640. Just like fingerprints, everyone has different tongue prints as well. Most of the Muppets are left-handed and […]

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Featured Image 1 360x188 - General myth and facts

General myth and facts

For some people like us, the shift in the season’s means colder days has arrived and left and hot days are on their action. But for the almost 40 million humans in the US who endure from occasional allergies, the reversal of weather is a bit more horrifying. Allergies are worse in certain cities. People […]

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Featured image 1 360x188 - What happens to your body when you die?

What happens to your body when you die?

It is crucial to conclude how humans will react to the matter of death as every one of us is different, but we usually sense unbearable at the idea of your own transience. What frequently control this anxiety, however, is reasoning about the action of dying and the worries of a protracted or awful death, other than […]

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fetured image 360x188 - Rules of interview that you must follow

Rules of interview that you must follow

Is your job interview expected? Even if you are looking for your first job or you are an accomplished professional, it will never downcast to brush up on these etiquette essentials. Just follow these tips for accomplishing all the legal moves before, during, and after the interview. Keep the interview Professional:One of the main problems in interviewing […]

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Featured Image 360x188 - Global Warming - Everything you wanted to know about

Global Warming – Everything you wanted to know about

Global warming is an expression which is used to explain a moderate expansion in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate. Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide and other air toxin waste and greenhouse gases compile in the air and consume sunlight and solar emission that have rebounded the earth’s area. Normally, this emission would […]

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Social media and youngsters featured image 360x188 - Social media and youngsters

Social media and youngsters

It can be hard to accept why teenager uses social media too much. Also, because of engaging so much in social media, they are always online and distract from the life in front of it. Social media have become important parts of life for many youthful people today. Most people enlist with social media without […]

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Featured Image 360x188 - Interesting facts about Mars

Interesting facts about Mars

Mars is a strange and wonderful planet with peaks, holes, and tunnel like Earth. Because of an endless revolution in technology, we have learned a lot about this red planet. Its equatorial width is 6792 km. Below are the interesting facts about Mars that they likely would have never thought. It is also called as […]

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Effect of technology on humans Featured Image 360x188 - Effect of Technology on Humans

Effect of Technology on Humans

Technology is very strong and nothing is as good as technology at making life better. We have reached at that point of history where it’s almost impossible to imagine the world without technology – i.e. smartphones, computers, and most importantly- the Internet. Just imagine a world without technology, i.e. cell phones, personal computers, and television. […]

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featured images 360x188 - Common Problems Faced by Our Globe

Common Problems Faced by Our Globe

Global concern is any concern that affects the global community and the environment in a disastrous way. The solution to these global issues often requires coordination among the world. In a survey most of the people chose climate change as their serious issue and it is not hidden from anyone that climate change is only […]

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featured 1 360x188 - Best Gaming Consoles You Can Buy in 2018

Best Gaming Consoles You Can Buy in 2018

Video game consoles are changing gears of innovation with the speed of light. Numerous organizations are giving it a shot to make what ought to be called as the most intense gaming console ever and taking a gander at the progressions; I can state that it will be accomplished soon. For the most part, three […]

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08281a3 360x188 - Most generously compensated JOBS

Most generously compensated JOBS

1. Investment investors Source Passage level – Rs 12,00,000; Mid-Career – Rs 30,00,000; Experienced – Rs 50,00,000+ Speculation saving money has dependably been a lucrative field for fund graduates and it is one of the most noteworthy paying employments as well. From stacking a great deal of gold, we have moved to more unstable measures […]

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featured image 360x188 - Earth is flat!!! As believed by some people

Earth is flat!!! As believed by some people

Do you know, there still exists a flat earth society? Here are some theories believed by them. 1. The Earth looks flat so it must be flat. Source Rolling back the years to medieval ages. 2. NASA started a round earth conspiracy to debunk religion. Source Ohh come on NASA, what problem do you have […]

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