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Picture1 54 360x188 - Sports+Studies=Happy Life

Sports+Studies=Happy Life

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this saying definitely makes us restrain the lethargic life that we chose. This situation comes in play every-time when career and studies become everything in a student’s life. At such point, the student’s role play is automatically leaned towards studies, and that’s why unhealthy life […]

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Picture1 48 360x188 - The world is betting on sports, are you?

The world is betting on sports, are you?

Sports Betting. What is it exactly? Think of it as a personal duel with a bookmaker, whether you are handing over cash in a betting shop on the high street or laying down a virtual bet through your online betting account. You are still looking at what the bookmaker is offering you and making a […]

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Picture1 44 360x188 - COMMON WEALTH DAY


Commonwealth day is celebrated on second Monday of March every year. It is not a public holiday but the motive behind the commonwealth day is just that few countries come together to discuss the work of Commonwealth members and to promote understanding and cooperation on global issues. Every year this day has a theme. In […]

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Picture1 43 360x188 - The big Palace of Gambling - Casino

The big Palace of Gambling – Casino

The gambling and casino industry is increasing each year and attracting more and more people as it embraces and applies technological advances and innovations. With the improved collection and analysis of big data, gambling providers will be able to create a more personalized experience for consumers and introduce more customized games and games which require […]

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Picture1 35 360x188 - World Cup 2019 - Celebrating Cricket

World Cup 2019 – Celebrating Cricket

World Cup is around the corner, the players have been warming up, the stadiums are getting ready, the sponsors have geared up, the fans are waiting with baited breath, the countdowns have begun and the whole world will unite to watch and experience the Game of Cricket that will stretch as a celebration from May […]

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Picture1 5 360x188 - World Athletics Day

World Athletics Day

Athletics Day aims in physics education in schools worldwide and school is the best age for training world-class athletes. No other environment, sporting or otherwise, can compete with schools in terms of their capacity to nurture, supervise, encourage and coach young people all over the world. The Sports Federations or Clubs are of great help […]

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Picture1 29 360x188 - Benefits of video games

Benefits of video games

In the times where we blame gaming for various negative activities happening around us, couldn’t there be a possibility of this coin to have its second side? Recently pub-g was banned in some parts of the country, why? Because gaming and addiction are two different things and we majorly forget that. It is the addiction […]

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Picture1 20 360x188 - The batsmen’s game

The batsmen’s game

It’s April already. Only a few days more than a month are left for the greatest celebration of Cricket all across the globe. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about the 12th edition of ICC cricket world cup. Nothing can create more buzz and bring out more passion for the game from within […]

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Picture1 7 360x188 - Ronaldo finds a new role.

Ronaldo finds a new role.

Football has always been one of the most thrilling and passionate of all the games. The passion is shared in common in with the eleven players on the pitch and the millions of fans across the globe. This is just one of the reason why it’s the most popular sport in the world. Since the […]

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FINAL IMAGE 360x188 - IPL telecast to be banned in Pakistan.

IPL telecast to be banned in Pakistan.

When on 19th February the Prime Minister of our not so friendly neighbor openly declared, Pakistan will not just think about retaliation, Pakistan will retaliate.” The only question that came to each and everyone’s mind was “HOW?”. Is it gonna be the same conventional method of so called retaliation by sneaking in some of agents […]

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